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The following Testimonies are from people who know God and have experienced Him in real, personal ways.


Moving to Berlin with God

We are three friends, who individually felt called to Berlin in response to God. We wanted to share about our journeys, which have deepend each of our relationships with Jesus, and how we have loved experiencing this together. Katrina, Karina & Grace

Repentance changed my heart

I would love to share my experience of how God transformed my heart. While trying to control and live my own life, a simple response to God’s whisper set in motion a time of growth, discipline and love that continues to this day. Rebekka

Seeing Myself Through God’s Eyes

I’d like to share about a pivotal time in my life and my relationship with God in which I had to relinquish my opinions, my perceptions and my control, and how in their absence, God rushed in. After experiencing deterioration in my academic progress, I came to trust God and others in my life in a way I had been too proud to do before.  Keren

Being Known For Who I Am

I had a special experience with God that changed my perspective on being known as a Christian, freed me to be more myself and drew me closer to God. This happened through my responses to God, as I found myself stepping beyond my comfort zone and into a greater freedom with Him. Kat

Trusting God With Our Wedding

In February 2021 Alex and Emma had their wedding during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions. Through the planning and all the way up to their wedding day they discovered how to trust in God and value their relationship with Him more than any outcome. Alex & Emma

Trusting God through a long-distance relationship

I’d like to share about how I’ve come to embrace the uncertainty of being in a long-distance relationship during COVID-19 and learned to really trust God in my relationship with my girlfriend Ella. I… Fraser

A full-hearted response to God

I’d like to share about the contentment I found in God when I turned my focus fully on to Him. As I discovered more about who God is to me, and the joy of living for Him alone, I found a deeper love for Him, along with a desire to invite Him further into all areas of my life. Becky

God is my rock, strength, security and my everything

A year ago I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. I would love to share with you my joy and thankfulness to God through what was physically a difficult time but spiritually rich time with Him. Deb

Giving God our availability

We would like share about our experience in responding to God’s call to move our family from the eastern suburbs, to the western suburbs of Melbourne. Leaving our security, friends and church community, we discovered the joy of responding to God, while experiencing His perfect provision for us. Jake & Hannah
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