Greater London, UK
Welcome to our page! We are a married couple who live in the Ruislip area, and enjoy sharing our lives with others who desire a personal relationship with God.

We see our lives as an adventure with God, and love sharing the journey with anyone who also wants to keep discovering what it is to know God and Jesus in a real and intimate way. 

We moved here in response to God specifically putting the Ruislip area on our hearts. Each day we continue to discover more of God as we live in His word to us. Being part of God’s body we love to have fellowship with others be it over a coffee, a meal or in a meeting.

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On Sundays we either visit local churches to enjoy communal worship and teaching or we join other Outreach International communities in the UK for combined meetings. If you would like to meet up, we would love to hear from you!

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A little about us

Ray and Ruth

A few years ago, God got our attention about London and, more specifically, Ruislip. We arrived in the UK from Australia in March 2020, however due to Covid, we only finally moved to the Ruislip area in June 2022. We love what God has done in our relationship with Him and each other since moving here, and we are continuing to find a deeper intimacy and dependence on God as we discover His will for us in Ruislip.

We work locally in the area and we have three grown up daughters who currently all live in Australia.