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Building with God Series

Book 1

Getting Involved with God

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1984

Not everyone wants to be involved with God in His work. This first book in the series Building With God is for those who do. In clear, practical terms it reveals the basis on which God calls us into involvement with Him. It shows how and why He trusts us with His work. And it spells out the cost. It is essential reading for all who sincerely want to live their lives for Him.

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Book 2

Doing God’s Work

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1984

So many talk about doing God’s work. But what does that really entail? How can you be sure that the work you do is, in fact, His work? And what about opposition – how do you handle that without being obsessed by it?

Following on from Book 1. Getting Involved With God, this book takes us further into the realities and the implications which must be faced by all who are called by Him into His work.

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Book 3

Opposition and Selfishness

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1985

God’s work is always under threat. For those who engage in it, opposition from without and selfishness from within form a potent and destructive combination. They must be recognised, faced, and dealt with.

Following Book 2, Doing God’s Work, this book comes to grips with the nature and the sources of both opposition and selfishness, and shows clearly how neither of them need ever prevent God’s work from being done.

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Book 4

Keeping God’s Priorities

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1985

What are God’s priorities? How are they identified and how do you make them your own? This book, which follows Book 3 Opposition and Selfishness, makes clear both the need and the way to make God’s priorities your priorities. Keep His priorities and you will discover the simplicity and the fulfilment of life in His kingdom.

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Book 5

Unity and Submission

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1995

Most Christians see unity as a goal to be attained, while many see submission as a threat to be avoided! Following on from Book 4, Keeping God’s Priorities, this book reveals the nature of true unity among God’s people, and the need for total submission to His authority – making it clear that, without such unity and submission, God’s will cannot be done.

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Book 6

The Importance of Willingness

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1996

God loves a cheerful giver. He looks not only at what we do but at how and why we do it. While commanding our obedience, He also looks at our attitudes and motives. Further to the message of Book 5, Unity and Submission, this book confronts us with the need to be like Jesus, whose own submission and obedience rose out of His wholehearted willingness.

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Book 7

Continuing Commitment

By Tony Kostas  |  Published 1997

Times of spiritual revival are wonderful. Yet the ultimate challenge is not in the faith, cost and dedication required to start them – but in the commitment needed to sustain them.

Dispensing with starry-eyed idealism, this final book in the Building With God series deals with the stark contrast between the thrill of godly achievement, and the tragic reality of human fickleness.

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