Melbourne West

VIC, Australia
Located in Melbourne’s western suburbs, we are a small group of believers that have moved to the area in response to God putting Melbourne’s west, and its people, on our hearts.

We’ve made ourselves completely available to God, for His purposes, and love discovering, both together and individually, what the expression of that is in a real and ongoing way. We love to have fellowship with others, to share our hearts and our walks with Jesus together, so please get in touch if you’d like to meet with us.


Currently our Sunday meetings range from joining our larger group in Melbourne’s east, to attending other local church services, to meeting together in our homes for a small home group meeting.


Tuesdays at 8pm

We meet regularly on Tuesday nights at 8pm in our homes.

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A little about us

Melbourne West Community

We are a small community with two young families with primary school aged kids and a single adult, each of us having moved to the area in response to God. We continue to enjoy discovering what is on His heart for us here in Melbourne’s west, and giving expression to that. We love the provision that we are to each other, encouraging and building one another up, and learning together how to continue to glorify God in our lives.