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We would like to share with you some Insights into the heart of God that He has revealed to us.


The Importance of Willingness

What I’ve discovered with God in recent years, is that my genuine desire to love God above all else, to live in all that Jesus has done for me and to be led by His Spirit has no substance without the willingness to actually do it. Joel Kiefte

Immeasurable Faith

Why did Jesus refer to ‘faith as small as a mustard seed’? When talking about faith the size of a mustard seed Jesus wasn’t talking about faith in varying sizes. Instead Jesus was making it clear to His Disciples that you either live by faith or you don’t. Joel Egan

His Strength Perfected

God tells us that weakness is not a problem, nor is it something to be conquered by us, but in our weakness we are to depend on Him, because His strength is perfected in our weakness. Paul Kiefte

The God of Life

Intimacy is the only way to get to know God. That is why God keeps drawing us to Himself. Indeed, everything God does is with that goal in mind, to make a way for each of us to live in love with Him all of the time. Simon Kostas

Living for God is Easy

There was a bit of a hurdle to get over when God told me that living for Him was easy.  For while I knew in my heart it was true because He was saying it; to fully embrace what He was saying I had to let go of what, up until that point, I had believed. Toby Galloway

Living by Faith

God spoke to me in the middle of the night in January 2017 in a way I have not experienced God ‘talking’ before or since. It is difficult to put into words what happened, but then to try and do so would be to detract from the real point. I awoke the next morning knowing in my heart that God was asking me to go to Poland. Simon Kostas

Responding to God

When God speaks it is for our response, which must be total and immediate. The moment God speaks to you is the very moment He wants you to respond. God chooses when He speaks to you, but it is important you recognise that timing as being vital to the fulfilment of His purposes. Simon Kostas

Assurance not Reassurance

Reassurance does help to lessen the fear I am feeling and combat the doubts I might have, but, like many emotionally based desires and responses, though it satisfies the immediate need, it does not last. Paul Kiefte
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