We are a family of five who love living our lives together with God at the centre.

We enjoy fellowship and relationship, and love to meet and gather with people of like hearts who love God. We feel blessed with the abundance of love, life and grace that God and Jesus have shared with us having known Him all of our lives.

Our desire is to keep discovering ways to live out our responses to God in all areas of our lives and share in this with other believers.


Tuesdays at 8pm

We meet in our home every Tuesday night in The Woodlands. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to come along or would just like to get together for a coffee.

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A little about us

Nate and Emma

We moved to Houston from Vancouver, Canada, in 2022,  as a faith response to God’s loving call. We enjoy living in a love relationship with God and responding to Him, as we are here for His purposes. We have loved discovering God’s provision and direction for our family since being here and we trust Him as we make this city our home.

We have three teenagers that all attend local high schools and we enjoy being a part of the local community. We love experiencing God’s life in our family and deepening our relationships with Him and each other.