Scotland, UK
We are a church community of two families who both moved to Edinburgh in response to God’s leading.

We love getting together to share in our life with God and be involved in each others’ lives, encouraging one another in all that  deepening our relationship with Him involves.

We love meeting with others who love Jesus and who God brings across our paths for fellowship.

On Sundays we currently either visit local churches or get together in each other’s homes for worship, fellowship and prayer. We also meet together mid-week in our homes in either south-west Edinburgh or Livingston.

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Being a small community of two families, we are flexible with when we get together and welcome others to join us too. Please contact us if you would like to get together for a coffee or join one of our meetings.

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A little about us

Phil and Carly

We moved from Australia to Edinburgh in 2019 in response to God putting Edinburgh on our hearts and choosing to respond to that. We loved stepping out in faith with moving and over the past five years here have experienced so much of God’s care, provision and leading. Our own faith and love for Jesus individually and as a family has also deepened through what we have experienced. We have three young children and enjoy a full and fulfilling life here. 

Jordan and Sophie

After marrying in 2022 and living in Derby since then, we both felt that God was leading us to the Edinburgh area. We have recently moved into our new home in Livingston and love knowing we are right where God wants us. We have a sense of anticipation about discovering what God has for us as we start our life here, and are looking forward to meeting other people who also love God with “all their heart, soul, mind and strength”.